Administering ScaleArc

Administering ScaleArc requires having a good understanding of the several settings that should be configured at the ScaleArc instance level and which in turn affect all clusters created on ScaleArc.

This introductory article provides a listing of the various ScaleArc settings and how to launch the respective configuration page for a particular section for administration purposes.

The bulk of the administration activities and configurations are carried out from the SETTINGS menu which is accessed from the SETTINGS tab on the ScaleArc dashboard as shown below:


Hovering over the SETTINGS tab opens up the following menu items, each of which can be opened for system administration by clicking on the respective item to make configuration changes as required:

  1. Network Settings
  2. System Settings
  3. Alert Settings
  4. HA (High Availability) Settings
  5. License Settings 
  6. User Management
  7. RESTful API
  8. CPU Distribution
Note: Some of the above administration menus are used during initialization after installing ScaleArc as it is mandatory to configure some Basic Settings before you can access the ScaleArc UI.

Click on the above hyperlinks for detailed information on the available configuration options.

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