Transparent Cache

ScaleArc's transparent cache feature enhances performance by caching the response elements of the data in your database. This process releases the database's processing power and increases network and storage bandwidth, thereby allowing it to handle more load while at the same time ensuring the database clients experience reduced latency.

Caching benefits many SQL applications with different types of navigational queries. ScaleArc lets you cache responses for frequent, repeating queries – such as searching for a well-known product on an eCommerce site or looking for a popular article on a content site – as well as for more complex queries, such as listings of product pages.

ScaleArc’s patented SQL query cache is the world’s first transparent NoSQL technology, which provides any database-driven application NoSQL-like performance without any application changes. ScaleArc’s SQL query cache is fully ACID compliant and controllable by users as they see fit. By default, no caching is enabled, ensuring the application performs identically to how it would if it were working directly with the database server.

ScaleArc’s cache provides users the ability to cache read-only SQL query responses in an extremely granular manner and to control how and when the cache expires using various methods.

Cache rules are defined per cluster by navigating to CLUSTERS > Settings > Transparent Cache on the ScaleArc dashboard.


Clicking on the Transparent Cache button open up the Query Caching configuration page with the following 4 tabs that are described in detail in the linked articles dedicated to each:

  1. Cache Rules
  2. Cache Manager
  3. Stored Procedure
  4. Cache Invalidation



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