Cluster Configuration Checklist

The following table helps you identify the environment settings you need to provide ScaleArc to create and configure the cluster. The asterisk (*) indicates which settings are essential to get ScaleArc up and running.

Some of the settings such as timeout values are required to tune ScaleArc for optimal performance. Review, complete, and save the table entries for future reference.

Complete the cluster checklist

Setting type Value


ScaleArc A IP address


ScaleArc B IP address


Primary DNS server IP address


Secondary DNS server IP address


DNS domain search suffixes


NTP server(s)


Cluster and database


Cluster user  
Cluster user password  

Cluster (client)

*Idle client connection timeout  
*Maximum client connections  

Cluster (server)

Server connection timeout  
Idle server connection timeout  
Surge queue timeout  

Client (Failover)

Failure timeout  
Flip-flop timeout  
Wait for sync  
Retry attempts  
Retry interval  

Cluster (Debug)

Unresponsive server timeout  
*Maximum concurrent connections  
*Idle connection timeout  

ScaleArc features

Read/Write Split (should be ON)  
Query Routing  
Query level load balancing  
SSL (if yes, requires a certificate and key)  
Authentication offload (should be ON)  


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