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Release Notes

ScaleArc includes detailed Release Notes with each product release. The document includes the list of new features in that release, bug fixes, known problems, limitations, workarounds, and related details. Release Notes relating to the latest upgrade and all previous versions can be obtained from the Release Portal.

ScaleArc Knowledge Base

ScaleArc offers an extensive collection of articles to explain and guide you through the intricacies of installing, configuring, and managing ScaleArc in order to harness its full potential. Check out the ScaleArc Support - Help Center and the Release Portal for earlier PDF versions of ScaleArc guides as well as documents such as Release Notes, FAQS, specific solutions, and procedures for all released versions.

Additional Reading

ScaleArc recommends the following documents for customers who require more background knowledge before working with ScaleArc.

ScaleArc Support

Contact ScaleArc Support at

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