Analytics - Comparative analysis

Comparative analysis allows administrators and developers to understand changes in SQL patterns and their effect on resource utilization. Using the Compare Patterns tool you can compare any hour of ScaleArc analytics data for a given cluster and database to any other hour of available analytics data. This tool is very useful for troubleshooting performance or application behavior changes; for instance, to isolate the aberrant behavior seen during SQL injection attacks or to validate the integrity of a software upgrade.

Compare query pattern

You can compare query patterns for your selected time period as follows: 

  1. Click on the Analytics tab. Select the time period.
  2. Select the cluster and the hour.
  3. Select a database server to view its type and percentage of query traffic.
  4. Click on a database server balloon to view its SQL query details
  5. Click Compare Patterns to open the screen.


  6. Select a time period to compare the query patterns. Then, select a tab to compare the data in this time period:


    1. Click the SIDE BY SIDE tab to compare all query patterns within the selected time range.
    2. Click the UNIQUE IN TIME A or the UNIQUE IN TIME B tab to see patterns that are unique to either category in the selected time range.
    3. Click the UNIQUE IN BOTH tab to see the patterns that are unique in both categories in the selected time range. 
  7. Change the time period to compare the query patterns in a different time segment.
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