Configuring Cluster Settings - Advanced Settings

The Cluster Settings screen is divided into 9 sections/tabs which are: CLUSTER, CLIENT, SERVER, ScaleArc, CACHE, AUTO FAILOVER, SSL, Advanced Settings, and DEBUG.

This article explains how to configure the Load balance type and Prep-Exec handling settings that are located under the Advanced Settings tab.

Follow these steps to configure these Advanced Settings for your cluster:

  1. On the ScaleArc dashboard, locate the Status column and click on Cluster Settings.

  2. Locate and click on the Advanced Settings tab: 


  3. Reference this table while making configuration changes under the Advanced Settings tab:

    Field/Button Description User input/Default
    Loadbalance Type Offers two load balancing options: Dynamic or Round Robin. Choose a load balancing type. Default is Dynamic.
    Prep-Exec Handling

    ScaleArc generates its own prepare handles and maintains a mapping of client-side and server-side handles.  Enable this setting to support failover, Read/Write split, routing, and caching for Prepare-Exec queries.

    Once enabled, connections with outstanding prepares cannot be put in passthrough and may cause invalid handle errors on the server.

    Turning this option OFF routes all Prepare-Exec traffic to the Read/Write server and connection passthrough works as expected.

    Turn ON/OFF. Default is ON.
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