User Management

The User Management screen allows you to define ScaleArc user accounts and their access permissions to ScaleArc clusters.

ScaleArc can communicate with third-party authentication servers over LDAP, REST API, and can also manage users locally.  

Setting up user accounts for ScaleArc involves configuring: 

  1. The policies and access control permissions for users/groups.
  2. The type of authentication for users.

Policy and Access Control configuration

Use this screen to define policies governing the user's role to access ScaleArc clusters and associate users/groups with those policies.

Authentication Configuration

ScaleArc supports the following authentication types:

  • Local users - users who are stored and managed within ScaleArc.
  • Over LDAP server - LDAP users stored on an LDAP server.
  • Authentication with third-party users for any authentication scheme over REST APIs.

Click on the linked articles for further details on the available configuration options under each screen.


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