Benefits of ScaleArc

ScaleArc inserts transparently between applications and databases, requiring no modifications to the applications or to the databases to deploy.
Customers who deploy ScaleArc will benefit through:
  1. Automated Failover/HA
  2. Zero-Downtime Maintenance
  3. Database Scalability
  4. Improved App Availability and Performance
  5. Cloud Migration
  6. Real-time Operational Visibility

Automated Failover/HA

ScaleArc supports transparent automated database failover for applications, shielding apps from database downtime, and preventing database connection errors. Operating at the SQL protocol layer, ScaleArc instantly and transparently routes database traffic away from unavailable servers - even across multiple data centers for maximum availability - ensuring business continuity for SQL environments.

Zero-Downtime Maintenance

ScaleArc delivers a seamless and highly reliable way to optimize database traffic flows and eliminate application connection failures during planned downtime such as:
  • Patching database servers
  • Applying software/security updates, including schema changes
  • Performing storage maintenance
  • Implementing master/slave failover
  • Diagnosing potential performance issues

Database Scalability

ScaleArc enables database scale-up instantly and database scale-out transparently – with no changes to your applications or database. ScaleArc drops in transparently between your apps and your database, routing database traffic, and managing connections to the database with no app changes.


Improved Application Availability and Performance

Due to its unique positioning between your application and database servers, ScaleArc has the ability to provide an unparalleled, in-depth view of an application’s interactions with its database stack and provide you with the tools needed to take corrective measures to alleviate performance bottlenecks.
Application performance bottlenecks, as related to databases, tend to fall into three main categories:
  • Poor query performance
  • Lack of concurrent capacity to handle high user loads
  • Connection pooling and connection management issues
ScaleArc provides you with the analytics tools to pinpoint when each of the above problems is occurring, in real-time. With ScaleArc’s live monitoring, you can see how many database connections and queries your application is requesting and whether your database servers are capable of handling the load.


Cloud Migration

Moving your database workloads from on-premise to the cloud requires careful planning. Without shared storage or the ability to migrate IP addresses between machines, traditional, on-premise high availability (HA) methodologies for SQL database failover don’t work in the cloud. And – with less RAM, less CPU, and less storage available – the cloud can reduce performance for each database instance.
ScaleArc solves these problems, ensuring high SQL availability and performance through:
  • Automatic failover in the cloud – This is delivered transparently across availability zones to instantly and automatically redirect traffic flows, ensuring business continuity, and minimizing disruptions.
  • Seamless aggregation of capacity across multiple machines – Load-balancing across very large clusters to support significantly higher loads in the cloud and increase performance.

Real-time Operational Visibility

ScaleArc collects extensive data regarding connections, user logins, SQL queries being executed, and much more - all data stored in ScaleArc rather than the database and without sampling of data. ScaleArc's real-time analytics, centralized logging, and historical stats provide the tools you need to pinpoint issues and gain critical instant insights.
You can use ScaleArcs valuable analytics to:
  • Track connection spikes that result in poor performance or outages
  • Track a SQL session or SQL connection
  • Pinpoint database performance issues, up to the minute
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