Configure Servers

This article describes the procedure for adding one or more database servers as part of the ScaleArc cluster setup process. If you are adding database servers to an already existing cluster, refer to this article on Adding a server.
When more than one database is added to a cluster, ScaleArc is able to seamlessly load balance SQL traffic across the multiple databases. Database load balancing is one of the key benefits of deploying ScaleArc.
Database servers can be added during the cluster creation steps as described below. ScaleArc also supports the management of database servers (Add, Modify, Delete) later after the cluster has already been set up.

If adding more than one server, you must ensure these servers are already configured as a singular cluster. Configure the cluster outbound LAN connection IP address to connect to the database servers.

Additionally, if you are planning to use windows authentication, configure the Network LAN Manager authentication level to 'Use NTLMv2 response only' on each database server.

Database Server Configuration Options

ScaleArc supports a number of common database replication topologies.

Use the following options to add database servers to your cluster. Make a choice based on the replication technology in use between:

  1. Standalone or Transaction Replication servers
  2. Amazon Aurora Instances


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