Start Migration

  1. Click on the Start Migration button for your cluster

  2. Fill in the required details in the Start New Migration form:

  3. To start migration with cutover, select cutover_required
    • Note: If a cutover is required (migration with CDC), make sure to provide the scalearc_username, scalearc_password.
  4. In case if you want pre-migration validations to take place, select pre_migration_validation_required
    • Note: It is recommended to run pre-migration validations and resolve the discrepancies if any, before retrying the migration for better accuracy of the migrations.
  5. Select the data_validation_required if you wish to run data validations (clone of Rundeck validation tool) and generate the reports.
  6. In order to migrate multiple databases from the same source to the target server, specify comma-separated names of databases in the source_db_names field as shown in the below screenshot.

  7. In order to rename the databases in the target server, specify the comma-separated new names of databases in the target_db_names.
  8. cutover_start_time_hh_mm, cutover_duration_window_minutes, cutover_cdc_sync_lag_threshold are optional fields and are required in case of migration with cdc. The parameters can also be provided later under the Check Migration screen.
  9. Click on the Start Migration button and migration will be started.
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