Data Privacy during migration


A common question by users of the ScaleArc Cloud Migration service is whether the customer data stays within their own environments at all times or if part of the data leaves their environment during the migration process.


In general, your data stays in your environment (i.e. your on-prem and cloud environment).

There are four components involved in the Cloud Migration process namely:

  1. Your on-prem source database
  2. Your target cloud database
  3. ScaleArc which typically lives in your cloud environment, but can also be deployed on-prem
  4. Migration service

Your data may leave your environment only for the Migration service.

Your "Source Schema" is sent to the Migration service so that the migration service can create the schema in the target cloud database.

Your "Source Data" is sent to the Migration service only if you choose optional post-migration data validation. Otherwise, the data does not leave your environment.

Note: There is an advanced version of the migration service that can be deployed in your cloud environment. If you choose this advanced version, neither data nor schema will leave your environment under any condition.
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