Create an Endpoint cluster

ScaleArc Clusters are logical load balancers and each can be configured to uniquely manage SQL traffic.

Following initialization, you are ready to create a cluster and will be automatically prompted to create one before you can utilize ScaleArc in your environment. 

Before you begin creating a cluster, take a moment to review and identify the items in the ScaleArc deployment and cluster configuration checklists to ensure ScaleArc integrates well in your environment.

The following diagram illustrates a single cluster configuration showing how ScaleArc is positioned between your applications and database servers for load-balancing and auto-failover in case any of the database servers become unavailable.


Creating a Cluster

Follow these step to create a ScaleArc cluster:

  1. You can access the cluster setup screen in one of two ways:
    1. Following initialization, as a first-time user, click Setup ScaleArc Cluster on the Welcome page.
    2. Alternatively, if ScaeArc is already initialized, launch the cluster setup screen by clicking the Add Cluster button on the ScaleArc dashboard. 
  2. The cluster setup screen has five sections/panels namely Network, Database Access, Servers, SSL Settings, and ScaleArc Cluster Settings as shown below. Enter the appropriate values in each panel to create a cluster.

  3. Subsequent sections of this guide describe the detailed steps for completing each section on this screen. i.e.
    • Network - This panel allows you to configure how your application will connect to ScaleArc and how ScaleArc will connect to the database servers. See Configure ScaleArc Endpoints for more details. 
    • Database Access - Use this panel to configure the access parameters used to verify your database access. Refer to Configure Database Access for more details.
    • Servers - Use this panel to configure the servers which form this cluster. Refer to Adding Database Servers to a Cluster for more details.
    • SSL Settings - Use this panel to enable SSL connections for the cluster if required. Refer to Set up SSL for more details.
    • ScaleArc Cluster Settings - Provides a quick way to create a cluster by cloning (copying) the configurations of an existing cluster. Refer to Adding Database Servers to a Cluster for more details.
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