How to create a clone of the ScaleArc Cluster on a different ScaleArc Instance.


How to create a clone of the ScaleArc Cluster on a different ScaleArc Instance.


If you want to export a Cluster configuration from one ScaleArc instance to another instance use the following procedure from ScaleArc CLI:

  • To take a backup a Cluster configuration from a ScaleArc Cluster use the following call:


$ curl -o <filename>.tar.gz "https://<ScaleArc Management IP>/api/cluster/<CID>/export_cluster_config?apikey=<API Key>" -k


  • To Create the Cluster on the New Instance use the following API call:


$ curl -F "importClusterInfo=@<filename.tar.gz>" "https://<Destination ScaleArc IP>/api/import_cluster_config?apikey=<Destination ScaleArc API Key>&clustername=<Cluster Name>&instancename=<Instance Name>&cluster_inbound_ip=<Cluster Inbound IP>&cluster_outbound_ip=<Cluster Outbound IP>&cluster_inbound_port=<Cluster Inbound Port>" -k


  • To fetch the API key for the ScaleArc instance from UI refer the steps mentioned in this KB Article.

These steps will create a new cluster on the destination ScaleArc and clone the Cluster Settings, Cache & Query routing rules and "Users & Dbs" from the original cluster to the New cluster.

 Note: In order to create the Cluster with 'All IPs' enter the Inbound and Outbound IP Address as ""


Important Note :Post Cloned Cluster Creation, it is mandatory to run attached shell script when this KB followed with ScaleArc Version below 3.12. Script will ask for the Cluster ID of the newly created Cloned Cluster and perfrom configuration change in the sqlite. Post Script execution, Please restart the cloned cluster.


Steps to execute above Important Note:

1. Copy the attached Script to ScaleArc instance in /home/idb directory.

2. Untar file

tar -zxvf sqliteclone.tar.gz

2. Assign execute permission to Script

   chmod +x /home/idb/

3. Execute following with idb user and pass Cluster ID of the Cloned Cluster.

       [idb@scalearckerb ~]$ sudo sh /home/idb/

      Enter Cluster ID of Cloned Cluster: 3

       Cloned Cluster ID is : 3

4. Restart the ScaleArc newly Cloned Cluster  



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