Error: Authentication to the db server failed,Advice:Please check auth parameters ...


You may get the below error when a client tries to connect from a JDBC thin client to an Oracle database behind ScaleArc.

CID: 16, Client IP: 10.xx.xx.xx, User: <database_user>, Debug_Code: 523, Message: Closing connection [ssid:69209;Cli:10.xx.xx.xx:57628/DB:198.yy.yy.yy;] due to unexpected external event, Reason:\\\'Authentication to the db server failed,Advice:Please check auth parameters, if auth info is changed recently, restarting cluster may help.,debuginfo# srv_st:13,1,pklen:11#\\\'; , State: -1, SSID: 69209, DB: ISSUAT, DB IP: NONE, Type: 37



This error is only seen for Oracle databases. The Minimum Requirements for Passwords page from Oracle 12g states this requirement.

Passwords can be at most 30 bytes long.

To correct this, configure a password shorter than 30 bytes.



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