Health Monitor Alert: Unable to put the connection in the used pool


The ScaleArc Health Monitor can occasionally give an alert that a specified user is 'unable to put the connection in the used pool'.

Sample health monitor alert:

CID: 9, Client IP:, User: GIW_WEB_user, 
Debug_Code: 527, Message: Unable to put the connection in the used pool.
debuginfo(set_fd() failure. db_ip:, sfd:11, threaddb:(nil), dbpoolp:(nil)) SSL: No ,
State: 21, SSID: 93459, DB: giw_proc, DB IP:, Type: 37


This alert is generated by the health monitor when the given user (in this case GIW_WEB_user) is not present in the Users & DBs section. The alert should not affect cluster traffic.

Normal query traffic should be flowing despite the alert and therefore no application alerts should occur as a result.

Performing a cluster restart on the particular cluster reporting the alerts should resolve the issue. Refer to Starting/Stopping a Cluster for information on how to restart the cluster.



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