What causes the "ScaleArc failed to replicate config information" error?


ScaleArc administrator may encounter "Failed to replicate config" alerts after restarting a cluster in a HA configuration to resolve other health monitor alerts. 

Related to this, attempting to remove a user from the Users & DBs section results in a 501501 error in the UI.

Error message:

2021-05-21 11:57:20 CID: 1, Server_Type: 1, Error: 0, Message: ScaleArc failed to replicate config 
information on secondary ScaleArc server, command is
add|db_write_ignore|1|91|1662|"`me_GetCurrentCatalog2`"|,send_cmd_to_slave:688 errno:Operation now
in progress sockclient:85 peer (IP: port:4100), Type: 44


This error is related to the Unable to put the connection in the used pool​ alert and signifies failure in sending core commands to the secondary ScaleArc server when configuration changes are done on the primary.
The error occurs when replication for all the information that is supposed to be replicated from Primary to Secondary ScaleArc server has failed. Examples of configuration changes that can trigger this error include adding logical DBs, query patterns, and updating write ignore rules.
This is a known issue that was detected in ScaleArc 2020.9 release and has been resolved in ScaleArc 2021.1 release which is now available on the Release Portal.



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