Core dumping alert: 'ScaleArc recently encountered an issue that requires analysis'


This article provides useful information on a known issue affecting version 2019.6 and earlier (SCALEARC-10098) where core dumping occurs in ScaleArc during certain combinations of RPC queries handling.

When the core dumping issue is encountered, ScaleArc will generate an alert stating:

"ScaleArc recently encountered an issue that requires analysis. Please collect the relevant logs 
(debuglogs.core.9762.202007151648.tar.gz) and send it to ScaleArc support."



  • ScaleArc 2019.6 or earlier



The issue with ScaleArc core dumping when handling some RPC queries was resolved in ScaleArc release 2019.7.

Release notes for this version confirming the fix for issue SCALEARC-10098 can be obtained from ScaleArc Standard 2019.7 - General Availability.

The recommended solution when this issue is encountered is to upgrade to ScaleArc 2019.7 (or later) by following the steps outlined in Upgrading ScaleArc to the Latest version

The ISO or OVA package for the latest version can be obtained from the Release Portal.

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