Migrating ScaleArc Node From RedHat/CentOS EL6 to EL7


This KB article provides a step by step guide to migrate your ScaleArc installation running on CentOS 6 to CentOS 7. Support was discontinued for CentOS 6 on November 30, 2020 whereas CentOS 7 is supported till June 30, 2024.



The following steps are for migrating a ScaleArc 2020.9 installation running on Centos 6 to one on Centos 7. Please note that ScaleArc cannot be in-place upgraded from CentOS 6 to the CentOS 7 operating system version, so a migration with newly installed systems will be necessary.

  1. On the source ScaleArc instance (HA Primary if the cluster is set up for High Availability), backup the configuration database
  2. On the destination system (HA Primary), after doing the initial setup of the system, restore the configuration database.
    The file will be uploaded and the configuration restore will take a few minutes. You will see the following confirmation message once the restore operation finishes:
  3. Network interface names on CentOS 6 start with eth0 whereas they start with enp0s3 on CentOS 7 and this discrepancy causes a misconfiguration of the HA services. To resolve this, log in to the ScaleArc instance via SSH and run the following command:
    /opt/idb/utils/scripts/configure_standalone_ha.py <interface_name> 
    /opt/idb/utils/scripts/configure_standalone_ha.py enp0s3
    This link has more information on the network interface name guidelines. The HA reconfiguration can be confirmed with the below output:
  4. The version numbers on the database of the destination system will reflect the previous CentOS 6 installation instead of the CentOS 7 installation, due to the full configuration restore. To resolve this, we will perform the following:
    1. Take a backup of the database configuration file: cp /system/lb.sqlite /system/lb.sqlite.bck
    2. Run the following command and take note of the last ID: 
      sqlite3 /system/lb.sqlite "select * from idb_software_version;"
      1|2020-11-19 19:18:29|idb_ui-2020.9.0-295.x86_64|ScaleArc_One_Platform|idb_utils-2020.9.0-295.noarch,idb_installer-2020.9-411.el7.x86_64,idb_ui-2020.9.0-295.x86_64,idb_analytics-2020.9.0-295.x86_64,idb_core-2020.9.0-295.x86_64|ScaleArc_ISO|SUCCESS
    3. Run the following command to update the version numbers of the last ID you found:
      sqlite3 /system/lb.sqlite "update idb_software_version set UI_version='idb_ui-2020.9.0-295.x86_64', rpm_list = 'idb_utils-2020.9.0-295.noarch,idb_installer-2020.9-411.el7.x86_64,idb_ui-2020.9.0-295.x86_64,idb_analytics-2020.9.0-295.x86_64,idb_core-2020.9.0-295.x86_64' where Id = 1;"
  5. Configure HA for a secondary instance if your installation is in HA.



The correct version numbers corresponding to a CentOS 7 system will appear in your ScaleArc installation which can be verifed under Settings as shown here



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