Unable to install ScaleArc on server with two hard disks


This article provides useful information on a known issue affecting version 2019.6 and earlier versions (SCALEARC-10985) where installation from ISO image on VMware VM with two hard disks configured fails.

Installing these versions through the ISO or OVA files on a server with two hard drives aborts the installation with: "WARNING: dos signature detect on /dev/sdb at offset 510. Wipe it? [y/n] n" and then "There was an error running the kickstart script at line 396".



  • ScaleArc 2019.6 or earlier
  • VM or physical server with more than one hard disk



The issue with installing ScaleArc on a server with two hard drives was resolved in ScaleArc release 2019.7.

Release notes for this version confirming the fix for issue SCALEARC-10985 can be obtained from ScaleArc Standard 2019.7 - General Availability.

The recommended solution when this issue is encountered is to use ScaleArc 2019.7 (or later) OVA or ISO version to install ScaleArc on a server with more than one hard drive. 

The ISO or OVA package for the latest version can be obtained from the Release Portal.

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