'Database server id already exists' error when Adding server to a Cluster


You are encountering the following error while adding database servers to a cluster:

Error ID 2240: Failed to add server in configuration. Database server id already exists.




This is an internal error that occurs when the ScaleArc SQLite configuration database is out of sync with the UI. The ScaleArc APIs or internal services can sometimes hold a lock on the cluster configuration database resulting in this error.

Further details on the root cause can be obtained by examining the /data/logs/<date>/api.error<datetimehour> and  /data/logs/<date>/idb.uilog.<datetimehour> debug logs for the current hour.

The below screenshot shows sample filenames based on this naming convention: 


Follow these steps to reset any locks on the configuration database and recover from the sync issue:

  1. Internal locks on the cluster configuration database are often easily resolved by waiting for a few seconds for the lock to be released, refreshing the page, then executing the Add Server operation again.
  2. If the problem persists, navigate to SETTINGS > System Settings > System Config tab and click on the 'Reset Configuration Lock' button.
  3. The last resort to be done only if the above steps do not resolve the issue is to execute the failing insert statements identified from the debug logs and thereafter recreating the cluster to rule out possible inconsistencies with the current cluster configuration.



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