Error ID 5001-5002 - License Expiration Warnings


All configured ScaleArc clusters will stop processing traffic upon license expiration. The ScaleArc license is expired or about to expire when one of the following alerts appear in ScaleArc:

ClusterMonitorAlert: Cluster id n is not processing new query. Please verify the cluster.
Error ID 5001: New license for the ScaleArc appliance is expired.  
Click here to go to License Settings.
Error ID 5002: Your license for the ScaleArc appliance is about to expire in 3 days.  
Click here to go to License Settings.

The license expiration can be confirmed by navigating to SETTINGS > License Settings or clicking on the hyperlink provided in the above alerts. This will open the license details screen having a notification warning at the bottom confirming that The installed license for ScaleArc has expired.




The solution to this is to obtain a new valid license to replace the expired one. Note that requests for trial extensions, license renewals, or for a new license should be handled directly through the Sales team with the Renewals Manager in CC. Refer to this article for further information on Requesting a Trial License for ScaleArc.

Once the new license is obtained, follow the steps outlined in How to update or apply a license to an existing ScaleArc. You may also refer to this 2-minute video on Applying a License to ScaleArc.



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