Error: 520, Message: NOTE : Double handover


This alert might be reported in the Alert Log, and the full message is like so

2021-04-08 12:00:35 CID: 1, Cust_int: -1, Server_DBID: -1, Error: 520, Message: NOTE : Double handover in Thr:-client-epoll-thread-, prevHndovr:-server-epoll-thread-, newHndovr:-server-epoll-thread-, ssid:48505, ssl_handshake_to_server(), /root/agent/workspace/ScaleArc/RC_Builds/2019.6/ScaleArc-2015/rpmbuild/core/BUILD/src/core/mysql/idblb/lib/source/lb_server.c:438, Type: 45



This is caused due to SSL configuration on the MySQL cluster. This happens once for every connection during SSL handshake but it doesn't affect the traffic and can be safely ignored.



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