How to update or apply a license to an existing ScaleArc

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How do I update or apply a new lisense to an existing ScaleArc?



Things to be aware of:

  1. If you increase or decrease the number of cores scalearc is licensed for you will need to restart the machine ScaleArc is running on. This is required inorder to update the CPU isolation and remap the ScaleArc core CPU distribution. 
  2. If you decrease the number of cores any running ScaleArc cluster will restart at the time of license application. 
  3. If only the expiration date for a license is changing then you can apply a license without any impact to any of the clusters that are configured and running on that ScaleArc. 
  4. If you have your ScaleArc machines setup in HA the license files must be applied to both ScaleArc machines


  1. Login to the ScaleArc UI as a global administrator (read-only or single cluster only users can not update licenses)
  2. Go to Settings and select License Settings
  3. Select the Upload License button
  4. Use the explorer window to locate the license file you received from ScaleArc
  5. Select the lic file and click OK
  6. You should be presented with a message that the license file uploaded successfully. 



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