Does ScaleArc support multiple database types on the same ScaleArc instance?


This article provides an answer to a common licensing inquiry seeking clarification on whether ScaleArc supports clusters of heterogeneous database types on the same ScaleArc instance.



The latest release of ScaleArc (version 2020.6) released in June 2020 supports MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases, both of which can co-exist on the same ScaleArc instance as long as they are added in different clusters.
The other requirement to have both Database Types running in the same ScaleArc instance is to license ScaleArc using an 'ALL' type license rather than one that was generated specifically for MSSQL or MYSQL.
Having an 'ALL' type license makes it possible to create clusters of multiple database types running in the same ScaleArc instance. This license type can safely be used in production environments.
The screenshot below shows a ScaleArc instance having the ALL type license and with both MSSQL (cluster IDs 5 and 31) as well as MYSQL based clusters (cluster ID 32)



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