Requesting a Trial/Temporary License for ScaleArc


Customers and internal Sales users can submit a support ticket requesting for Trial license keys, also described as non-production or temporary licenses to be used for product evaluation for a limited time. Internal requests from Sales BU for ScaleArc trial licenses to be used in POCs (Proof of Concepts) should follow the same procedure as outlined below.


Trial licenses are used for PoCs as part of the sales or product evaluation process and can be requested through the ScaleArc Support portal directly by customers or their Sales representative. Trial extensions however require prior approval from the Sales team.

The default Time Period for ScaleArc trial licenses is 15 days with a maximum extension of up to 30 days allowed. Prior approval must be obtained from the Account Management team if the trial license validity exceeds the allowed default time period.

Note: This article refers only to the process of requesting for Trial License keys for new customers. Requests for trial extensions, license renewals, or for a new license should be handled directly through the Sales team with the Renewals Manager (in case of renewing) or Account Manager (in case of a new license) in CC.

Be sure to provide the following information on the ticket, along with your contact details which will be obtained from your profile. This information is required for generating the trial license:

  • ScaleArc version
  • Number of ScaleArc instances
  • HA cluster count or standalone installs
  • Database server type (MS SQLServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or All)
  • Number of CPUs/cores
  • Number of clusters
  • Allowed cache in GB
  • Additional cache in GB (default none)

Once the ticket is received with the above information, ScaleArc Support will generate the trial license and send it to the requester/customer in a Zendesk ticket as a Zip archive attachment to the ticket.


Generate and share the requested licenses by following the steps outlined in Generating ScaleArc Licenses.




Once you have the license and applied it to the ScaleArc installation, you can confirm the details from the UI by visiting Settings > License as shown here for a trial license for a Postgres installation.





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