ISO install failing on Hyper-V / VirtualBox


This article describes the recommended workaround to successfully carry out an ISO installation on Hyper-V environments when the installation is aborted after encountering a kickstart script error at line 396.




  • ScaleArc 2019.6 or earlier on CentOS 6 and 7
  • Hyper-V or VirtualBox hypervisors



This problem occurs in Hyper-V and VirtualBox environments having less than 4 vCPUs as ScaleArc requires a minimum of 4.

The recommended solution is to modify the Hyper-V / VirtualBox resources to meet or exceed the On-premise system requirements before carrying out the ISO install.

Refer to Installation Prerequisites for more information on the expected minimum hardware requirements for installing ScaleArc on different environments.

An alternative workaround would be to install CentOS 6.9 minimal on the VM and thereafter install ScaleArc from the RPM package instead of ISO image. The RPM package can be obtained from the Release Portal at

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