How does ScaleArc Auto Fetch Database User feature work?


How does ScaleArc Auto Fetch Database User feature work?



Once activated, ScaleArc will fetch all of the users on the frequency selected. To be successful with the Auto Fetch feature in ScaleArc, there are some "rules" to keep in mind while setting up user authentication:

  1. The first valid unique user will be accepted as complete.
  2. "Valid user" means that the host resolves to include the ScaleArc host subnet (wildcards) or ScaleArc's IP address.
  3. For purposes of "Authentication Offload" and "User Data Caching", only that user's password will be accepted by ScaleArc.
  4. Updates to that password for that "user@origin" will be reflected properly in ScaleArc.
  5. Adding the same user, regardless of password, with a different host will be ignored (strikethrough) even if the wildcard is more of less restrictive.
  6. Only that valid user's grants will be applied by the dataserver as that is the user being matched.


  • Do not use "blank" hosts for users

<supportagent> (This is a known problem. Review #9134 for details.) </supportagent>

  • "Autofetch" will not fetch MySQL users having old_password passwords (see How To: MySQL - Upgrading passwords from old_passwords article)
  • Delete the users which are following some other password policy or plug-ins (like authentication_pam) as it may lead to Fetch Fail. Ensure that you are using mysql_native_password policy.

Safety Tip:

The first valid user/host will be captured. Subsequent new entries for the same user, regardless of the host, will be ignored (strikethrough).



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