ScaleArc Supported Versions and End-of-Life Announcements


This article provides information on how to proceed when customers request information on the ScaleArc supported versions and end-of-life announcements.



Requests for Information on Supported Versions

Bugfix support is no longer provided for ScaleArc versions older than version 3.10 after Jun 30, 2019.  ScaleArc version 3.10 or newer will continue to be supported by Ignite for customers that are on active support agreements.

More information on this support discontinuance announcement is available from the ScaleArc Standard 2019.6 - General Availability Release Notes.


Information on End-Of-Life (EOL) Support for CentOS 6.x

Starting December 2020, ScaleArc will no longer be supported on CentOS 6.x when installing ScaleArc through a custom install. Clients performing a custom installation on CentOS should upgrade to Centos 7.5 and download the corresponding installation media (.ISO) from the Release Portal.

The packaged VM image (.OVA) which can also be downloaded from the Release Portal is a fully self-contained appliance containing the OS as well as ScaleArc software already installed. OVA images for the latest ScaleArc releases will continue to be pre-packaged with CentOS 6.10.


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