Error with Query Routing

Affected Release 3.X
Document Status Error
Environment ScaleArc 3.X All Platforms
Categories Cache Settings







KB 2213 - Failed to add query routing

KB 2214 - Failed to update query routing

KB 2215 - Unable to find routing pattern

KB 2216 - Failed to delete query routing

KB 2217 - Unable to find query routing status in configuration

KB 2218 - Failed to update cluster query routing status



This is an internal error and implies that the ScaleArc sqlite configuration is out of sync with the UI. Please try refreshing the UI page and try the operation again.

If it's a sqlite database lock issue, it would imply that some other API or service is holding a lock on the configuration database. In that case you can wait for a few seconds for the lock to be released, refresh the page and try the operation again. Alternatively, if the problem persists, you can go to Settings and then System Settings page and click on the 'Reset Configuration Lock' button.



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