KB 2568 - User '<username>' does not have '<privilege(s)>' on '<db_server>' to perform this operation.

Affected Release 3.x
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Environment ScaleArc 3.x MySQL
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User gets the one of the below error messages while trying to perform various operations in MySQL.

Error ID 2568

While adding DB server

User '<username>' does not have SELECT privilege on '<db_server>' to perform this operation.  


For Switchover/Failover

User '<username>'@'host' does not have '<privilege(s)>' privilege(s) on '<db_server>' to perform this operation. 



To perform various operations in MySQL a user must have the appropriate privileges.  Several services such as cluster monitoring, autofailover, and auto fetch user feature require specific privileges for a user to posses. 

The following section explains the privileges required for a user for each ScaleArc service:

Cluster creation - requires select privilege for MySQL database on server.

During cluster creation the cluster monitor service requires a user to have select permission for MySQL database on the server.

Auto fetch database user - requires select privilege on MySQL database 

To perform auto fetch database users select permission is required for MySQL database.

Failover/ Switchover - requires super, replication client, replication slave, reload, create/drop/update, insert on MySQL database and grant option.

To perform failover/ switchover, ScaleArc user requires super, replication client, replication slave, reload, create/drop/update, insert  privileges on MySQL database.

Add server for existing cluster - requires select privilege for MySQL database on server.

For server addition, basic privilege that is required is select for MySQL database.

Use the following command to check user privileges:

SELECT * FROM information_schema.user_privileges;
show grants for '<user>'@'<host>';

The following command can be used to grant privileges:

grant <privileges> on <database>.<table> to <user>@<host>

grant super, replication client on *.* to 'admin'@'%';

If the problem persists please contact ScaleArc customer support at scalearc-support@devgraph.com.


If you are experiencing issues with ScaleArc or with any of its features, please contact ScaleArc Support.

We are available 24x7 by phone at +1 972-588-4221.  For general support inquiries, you can also e-mail us at scalearc-support@devgraph.com.


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