KB 2058 - Maximum client connections available for this cluster are

Affected Release 3.0
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Environment ScaleArc 3.0 All Platforms
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User gets the following error message while trying to change the maximum number of client connections available for a cluster.

Error ID 2058: Maximum client connections available for this cluster are 10000



Setting a value higher than the number of maximum number of client connections available for a cluster will return an error. Please set another value for maximum client connections for a cluster and try the operation again. 

The Max connections for MSSQL is 32000

To check the max connections on mysql you and run the below query on MySQL

show varibles like "max_connections";

This will return a result like this:

| Variable_name   | Value |
| max_connections | 100   |

You can increase the max connections in mysql at run time by running the below command

set global max_connections = <connecitonnumber>;

To persist the configuration change make the below change to the /etc/my.cnf file on the mysql database server

max_connections = 200


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